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The Iconic Outback Pub

Outback Pub Accommodation Hotel Cunnamulla
The iconic Outback Pub - Hotel Cunnamulla

Cunnamulla Accommodation and Restaurant

Experience the iconic Australian Outback here in Cunnamulla and enjoy living like a local right here at Hotel Cunnamulla – one of the best outback pubs in Australia.

You will love our country hospitality and you will be only seconds away from the new Cunnamulla Hot Springs and Artesian Spa Baths of which are overlooked by our grand pub verandahs. It’s a great place to stay for an overnight stay on your way to Birdsville or beyond, or you can relax for week here with country walks, swim the mighty Warrego River or sample our cold, cold, cold beers and terrific meals in our heritage dining room, all right here in Outback Australia.

Come and really enjoy a classic Aussie experience – we are super friendly and you will have comfortable overnight accommodation and a great restaurant menu to choose from, also you will love our cold beers too!

For help in booking Cunnamulla accommodation or for our restaurant, please call us – 07 4655 0082

Cunnamulla Accommodation Hotel Cunnamulla Restaurant, Bar and Cafe
Looking for great accommodation, restaurant or hotel in Cunnamulla? Hotel Cunnamulla is right in the heart of town, overlooking the Cunnamulla Hot Springs - come and say g'day

The Place To Stay in Cunnamulla

Located at the gateway to Queensland’s wonderful outback, we all welcome your visit to the hotel and to this wonderful area of Outback Australia.

Drop in, say g’day and grab a taste of our own icy cold beers, made especially for the pub and embrace outback life with a pot of our own ‘Cunnamulla Sheila’ or a thirst quenching schooner of the ‘Cunnamulla Fella’.

There is always a special treat to discover in Hotel Cunnamulla’s restaurant daily menu, a welcome change from ordinary ‘pub grub’ plus a great wine list to enjoy. Our dining room is also fully air conditioned with a super comfy fireplace to sit by during our cooler months … ( yes, we do have those too! )

You will also like our other ‘on tap’ offerings – Great Northern, XXXX Gold, Somersby’s Cider and Canadian Club & Dry – all fresh and icy poured direct from our coldroom, giving you a great choice to choose from!

Hotel Cunnamulla an Iconic Outback Pub
Iconic Outback Pub - Hotel Cunnamulla


Spacious, comfortable and inexpensive accommodation, rooms with private ensuites, right in the very heart of Cunnamulla, with off street car parking. Check out our accommodation page for more information, and take a few seconds to read our accommodation and restaurant reviews!


Cunnamulla budget accommodation, clean and comfortable
Accommodation in Cunnamulla, light, airy, spacious rooms at a budget price


Enjoy sharing a great meal in Hotel Cunnamulla’s restaurant, cafe and bar area for delicious meals in our 1930’s heritage dining room, or sit and enjoy your dinner in our shaded beer garden.

We only feature fresh food from the farm, using local produce wherever possible.

If you like sharing a wine with your meal, we also have a good wine cellar, so there is something sure to get you smiling.

Also, have a look at our restaurant menu and see what you may like to choose from – our menu changes very regularly!

Come Out West + See The Best

Cunnamulla Outback Holiday 10 Things To Do

Cunnamulla, — For those seeking to venture off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the captivating beauty of Outback Australia, Cunnamulla is an absolute must-visit destination. This remote town, tucked away in the heart of Queensland, is a treasure trove of unique experiences that will leave you with cherished memories.


Cunnamulla Riverwalk Warrego River
Take a stroll and unwind along the Cunnamulla Riverwalk, alongside the Warrego River. As the sun dips below the horizon, the riverbanks come alive with the sights and sounds of local wildlife and you can capture stunning sunsets.

Cunnamulla’s Riverwalk, running alongside the meandering Warrego River, is a true delight for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful stroll, capture stunning sunsets, and connect with the pristine environment.


Cunnamulla Hot Springs Accommodation
Cunnamulla Hot Springs Accommodation

Soothe Your Senses at Cunnamulla Hot Springs – A journey to Cunnamulla would be incomplete without indulging in the therapeutic waters of the Cunnamulla Hot Springs directly opposite Hotel Cunnamulla, or the Eulo Mud Baths.

These naturally occurring mineral-rich springs are renowned for their healing properties. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or relief from a long day of exploring the Outback, the hot springs or mud baths have got you covered.


Eulo Mud Baths Beauty and Relaxation
Whether you seek relaxation, healing, or simply a memorable adventure in the heart of the Australian outback, Eulo’s mud baths are the perfect destination – book a trip and stay at Hotel Cunnamulla.

Wander down the grand banks of the Warrego River, come and fossick for opal, win a dollar or two at the Cunnamulla Races, go for a stroll in nearby bushlands, or simply sit back with a refreshing drink and read a book on one of our wide open verandahs overlooking the Cunnamulla Hot Springs watching the sun go down and allow a gallery of stars be your window to the world.

Discover More About Hotel Cunnamulla

You can find news about Cunnamulla, or special events happening in and around the pub and also discover more about music festivals, rodeos, and other exciting places to visit here on our events page.

Don’t forget to book your room or accommodation with us here in Cunnamulla – we are right in the heart of town, making your experience even more comfortable.

Hotel Cunnamulla Accommodation and Restaurant
Comfortable Budget Accommodation, Restaurant and Cafe - Hotel Cunnamulla

It’s good to get in touch – give us a call today 07 4655 0082  or visit our contact page to enquire about our restaurant or accommodation in Cunnamulla, or for any other information that we can help you with.

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