The Cunnamulla Sheila - Hotel Cunnamulla's own mid strength ice cold beer

The Best Beer !

We have our own very special beers here on tap, always ice – cold, exclusive to the Hotel Cunnamulla – the ‘Cunnamulla Fella’ or the flirty mid strength beer, the ‘Cunnamulla Sheila’, both exceptional to quench any thirst, perfect for the Outback !

Hotel Cunnamulla Beers
We always have our very own brew on tap, you can choose from the Cunnamulla Fella, or our mid strength lager The Cunnamulla Sheila. Exclusive to The Hotel Cunnamulla ! The best place to find icy cold beer on tap here in the Outback.

But of course, we also carry all of your other favourite beer in our cellars too, see if you can find yours in the photo above !