Outback Pub Cunnamulla

Warm Up in the Winter at Hotel Cunnamulla

backpackers and tourists enjoying toasted marshmallows by the fire at Hotel Cunnamulla
Toasting marshmallows fireside, part of your great outback adventures at Hotel Cunnamulla

The great Queensland outback and Cunnamulla are generally thought of as very hot and arid, but as the winter months approach the temperatures can drop, and what better way is there to keep warm and cosy than by one of the fireplaces at Hotel Cunnamulla and toast your own marshmallows and enjoying a great wine or glass of port by the fire?

A great place for back packers, tourists and caravans, Hotel Cunnamulla
A great stopover for back packers, tourists and caravans, at Hotel Cunnamulla – enjoy a great wine or glass of port by the fire 

With free camping available at the rear of the hotel, it’s right in the heart of town, easily accessible for sight seeing and local shops for browsing. Come and drop by and say g’day and grab a marshmallow and live it up like the locals do – whether you are a back packer or tourist in a caravan! Of course, if you are seeking more substantial winter warming meals, check out Hotel Cunnamulla’s famous dining room for hearty soups, hot pots and great steaks!

Dining Room and Food Hotel Cunnamulla
Check out the dining room for our great Winter Menu at Hotel Cunnamulla !

The fireside spot right near the bar is ideal to swap stories, find out tourist information and meet other travellers and back packers to find out about the best spots to visit in the outback.

Come on in to Hotel Cunnamulla for fireside treats and fabulous meals. Meet up with friendly locals and tourists under the friendly gaze of the ‘Cunnamulla Fella’